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This page displays any pieces I have made that are ready to ship. If nothing is pictured then I have no custom glasses ready to go. Check back often as I will try to have something on this page as regular as possible. Gound shipping is default on my pieces so if air shipping may be needed please call or text 541-561-3128.
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about:email david@hourglasses.com
12" Walnut 60 minutes white sand. Similar to one in center. Also have one 7" 30 minute white sand similar to one pictured right

12"...............$135.50 + S&H. IN STOCK   

7"..................$85.00 + S&H.  SOLD
Now is the time to get your Christmas order in. 
9" Ebony with 332MB on one end and 372N banding top and bottom. $350.00 plus shipping. Please call to order.
Thank you. 
Ready to ship. Approximately 15" tall and 7" at the base. Wood type and sand color is your choice. Left is finished with black base and silver uprights.

Price $195.00 + shipping. SOLD
New in the line up is pictured at left. It is a free standing glass that does not require a frame. Sand colors are your choice and can be sent empty for wedding sand ceremonies. 7.25" tall 3.25" diameter.Feel free to call for details. One in stock.

Price......$85.00 + S&H. A few in stock. Let me know sand color. 
    Please call for details.