The following hourglasses ( sand timers) are custom made by myself. (Glass is imported.) Various woods will be used as availability dictates. If you would like to choose your favorite type of wood, just let me know and I will do my best to locate and handcraft to your specifications. Times can be adjusted to suit your needs. Sand is available in several colors and on custom orders only. The sand colors are, blue, mauve, green, yellow, pink, red, orange and white. Unless otherwise stated white will be used. For those of you who keep a 50 minute hour I can adjust time accordingly. For an additional $25.00 I can add what you want in place of sand or sand you may have and want put in a glass. I have done sand from all over the world. Urns are available too. A custom glass may have to be made but just about anything is possible. Engraving can be done as well. Most all of the custom glasses can be sent in kit form to add sand yourself. Since the options for the custom glasses are so many ( wood type, sand color, run time, inlay etc.) I will need to be sure all the information is correct. If the add to cart button is not next to the desired piece you will have to call and place your order. The larger and unique glasses will still need to be phoned in as shipping cost vary on those. There should be a place to send me a note when you are checking out your order. Please use that area to specify your choice of wood type as well as sand color and runtime for your custom glass.

Call or text 541-561-3128 for details and pricing. All items on this page are made by me here in the U.S.A.
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The Hourglass Connection.
First up are the basic walnut framed glasses offered below. Starting left is a 5 size, the 3 bulb, and in the center a 12, the smallest I can do one hour in a 9" and a 7 far right. For an extra $20.00 I can do them in black with the straight spinals as pictured to the right .
The prices listed below are for the Walnut as pictured above. The black finish is an extra $20.00 each.

Item THC5W $65.50 (5 Max. runtime 15 minutes).

Item THC33W $75.50 (3 bulb 7 Max. runtime 5 minutes).

Item THC12W $135.50 (12 Max. runtime 90 minutes).

Item THC9W $135.50 (9 Max. runtime 60 minutes).

Item THC7W $85.50 (7 Max. runtime 30 minutes).
Pictured below are three examples of my 9 inch glasses. Left is made of bloodwood center is coco bolo and right is wenge. Inlays can be applied as with the 12 models above. The glass in the center has hand spiraled spindals. Not machined. Spiraling is an extra charge and can be done on all custom glasses from the 9 inch up to the 25 inch. You will have to call for pricing on spiraled spindals.
Pictured above is a 9" made using Ebony. Inlays 332MB and inlay banding IB372 have be added. Please call for price and more details on this one.
Item THC30960 3 post without inlays....$205.00 + S&H.

Item THC40960 4 post without inlays....$215.00 + S&H.
Custom Crafted
Pictured to the left and right are two examples of my most popular piece at 12.5 tall. Item #THC31260. Both have 60 min. run times with natural sand. The hourglass to the left is made of Bolivian Rosewood and the one on the right is made of Chakte Coc. If you look close at the one to the right you can see it has an inlay inset into the center of the top. Inlays are an extra charge and details can be found on the inlay page or as always feel free to call and we can discuss details. They both have inlay banding around each end as well. The one to the left has inlay banding #377. Can be done with 3 post as pictured or 4 post. Your choice.
Item THC31260 3 post without inlay banding. $205.00

Item THC41260 4 post without inlay banding. $215.00
Above are some of my turnstile design hourglasses. Pictured at left is a 4 post hourglass made of Bolivian Rosewood. Pictured center and to the right are a two post design. From left is a 9, a 27, and a 12 made of Bolivian Rosewood. The smaller ones in the foreground are the 5 for size comparison. You will have to call to order one of these.

The 4 post Item #THCTS412 is $285.00 + S & H.

The 2 post style Item #THCTS2 are priced as follows
9 $275.00 the 12 $285.00 and the 27 at $875.00 + S&H.

Pictured left is is a design using curly maple for the uprights and walnut for the base. Glass lifts out to flip. Approximately 15" tall and 7" at the base. Wood type and sand color is your choice. Right is finished with black base and silver uprights.

Price $195.00 + shipping.
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Pictured left is new in the line up. This one made using walnut with sapwood. 16" tall 10" wide and 14" deep.
Item DSW .......$520.00 + shipping.
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