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The Hourglass Connection
160 Chelsea Lane
Stanfield, OR. 97875
Call or text 541-561-3128
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Dragons and Snakes
Pictured left with bronze finish and right with pewter finish is my dragon glass. It is 14.5 tall and 9.5 in diameter. Inlays are your choice and can be seen on the inlay page. The inlays are an extra charge. There may be an added shipping charge on this piece as it requires a large box. Added shipping if any will be billed when ready to ship. Please call 541-561-3128 with any questions.
Price.....$385.00 + S&H
Pictured below is an hourglass I made using snakes for the frame. It is 13.5 inches tall and 7.5 wide. Made of acrylic tinted green and covered with silver leaf. It can be made in red and blue as well using gold or silver leaf. Please specify color and silver or gold leaf as well as desired sand color. Leafing is time consuming as the whole piece is hand made by me so please be patient. Thank you.
Price........$365.00 + S&H
email david@hourglasses.com
email david@hourglasses.com
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