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Below are a few samples of optional inlays and engraving. To the left is laser and filled. Next to that is engraving done on a brass disc and in the center are a couple examples of marquetry that are inlayed in the top and or the bottom. To the right is an example of some laser engraving in curly maple.
Feel free to call or text 541-561-3128 with any questions.
The marquetry pictured below can be placed into the center of each end of your custom hourglass frame. (The top and bottom.) They add a very nice finishing touch. I can also add a brass plate in the center of each end that can be engraved with what ever you want. ( Company logos, weddings, birthday messages etc.). Laser engraving can be done as well. You can mix or match as you desire. Clicking the add to cart button will add only one of each item. If you want the same inlay on the top and the bottom you will need to change the quantity to two when ordering the marquetry. Please call 541-561-3128 for details on laser engraving.
332MB 1-3/4"
$25.00 each.
332MS 1-3/4"
$25.00 each.
373M 1-/78"
$30.00 each.
357MS 1-7/8"
$25.00 each.
358M 1-3/4"
$25.00 each.
359M 1-3/4"
$25.00 each.
Below are some of the inlay bandings that can be applied on most of the custom glasses.
Prices on these is for both top and botton.
IB548 5/16" $20.00
IB381 3/8" $20.00
IB372 5/16 " $20.00
IB377 3/8" $20.00
IB533 5/16 " $30.00
IB396 7/16 " $25.00
IB397 3/8" $25.00
IB285 3/16 " $20.00
IB238 3/8" $25.00
IB304 3/6" $20.00
IB331 1/4" $20.00
IB309 3/8" $20.00
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email david@hourglasses.com
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