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This page is dedicated to the larger glasses I make. Shipping charges vary on these glasses and for that reason you will need to call me so we can discuss details and to place your order. All items on this page are made by me here in the U.S.A.
Each piece is one of a kind made to your specifications.
 Pictured above and is a 36 diameter gear sitting on a base of four smaller gears and is rotated by hand. This one is made of Mahogany with a hand rubbed matte finish. . Different woods can be use but may affect cost. Over all size with base is 41 tall and 42 wide with a depth of 6.5. Runtime up to 24 hours. Can be set on a wall mounted shelf or on the floor. A fire place mantle would be an ideal place to set it as well. Please call for pricing and further details on shipping on these very large glasses.
 Price for glass shown above is $2500.00 + shipping. (Can ship UPS ground.)
 I have one ready to ship. Price reduced to $1850.00 plus shipping. Please call for details. 541-561-3128
Pictured above is (to the best of my knowledge) the smallest 24 hour sandtimer in the world. It is 24" tall and 13" in diameter. Timed to 24 hours. White sand is the only color available in this piece. Made of curly walnut with a lacquer finish. Wood choice is your decision.
Priced at $1200 + S&H
Pictured above are three examples of my very large glasses. Two are in a turn style frame so they can be turned by one person. To the left is one made of Ipe an excellent wood for exterior use. It is 72 tall 37.5 wide and 46 front to back. This piece weighs approximately 475 pounds. Made to be displayed outside as per the customers wishes with a run time of your choice. As you can see it is filled with white sand. Only white sand is available for glasses that will be displayed outside. Colored sand are available for inside use at an extra charge. The center picture is a free standing version made of pine stained and finished with a hand rubbed poly. Filled with white sand with a runtime of 24 hours. It is 62 tall and 30.5 in diameter weighing 180 pounds. To the right is one made of pine, stained and lacquered weighing approximately 275 pounds with a runtime of 24 hours. It is 72 tall 34.5 wide and 46 front to back. Please call 541-561-3128 for pricing and further details on shipping on these very large glasses.
Price for the glass pictured at right is $2150.00 not including crate and freight.
Price for the one pictured center is $1600.00 not including crate and freight.
Price for the glass pictured at left is $4350.00 not including crate and freight.
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Similar to those pictured above only slightly smaller. The dimensions on this piece is 52 1/2 " tall and 26" in diameter. Weighting in at 120 pounds with red sand timed to 24 hours. Made of pine with a black stain and several coats of wipe on poly.
Price....$1400.00 less crate and freight.
To the left is a 19 size made of Bolivian rosewood. It can be made with a run time of up to 4 hours. To the right is another 19" with a black lacquer frame and filled with the customers beads.
Price as pictured $750.00 + S&H

Another example, to the left, of a two hand glass made to be used as an urn. Frame is a natural cherry wood. It is 28" x 10" x 10". To order one of these please call.
$925.00 + S&H.
To the right is a ships wheel made as an urn. Made of Mahogany. 20" x 12".
$875.00 + S&H.
email david@hourglasses.com
email david@hourglasses.com
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